GTMC Products & Services

GTMC product and services

E-Business Suite Services

GTMCnet Pte Ltd (Singapore) This real-time portal links up the businesses of GTMC's travel partners and clients worldwide and increases the exposure of the company globally. The portal operates on 4 different platforms offering current, new products and services. Some of these services are presently unavailable in the general market. Its subsidiary companies are Pte Ltd (Singapore) and GTMCnet eServices Pvt Ltd (India).

Business-to-Business (

Offers full destination searches from hotel availability to tour packages, transfers, car rentals, airfares and cruises. Its key strengths are in an easy-to-read grid with product names, prices and locations updated real-time. Rates are competitive and clients are awarded G'Points for every booking made so encouraging more sales. In addition, GTMC offers 24/7 customer service and support. 

GTMC B2B (Business-to-business)

An advanced technology product. It allows the use of free custom built websites for travel agents and gives them the option of adding and managing their own products or the choice of outsourcing bookings to GTMC. A 24/7 customer service network is also provided.

GTMC Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C)

For travel partners? websites are linked to GTMC, resulting in a network of digital inter-business connectivity built across the globe. This also effectively enlarges GTMC's product and services as travel products are updated real-time 24/7 globally to its suppliers and client s distribution networks. 

GTMC Host-to-host (h2h)
In ePayPlus

GTMC offers an electronic payment service with secure encryption at zero cost to the clients. This provides safe and secure online transactions for travel partners, customers and reduces the workload of credit card dealings. This has the effect of indirectly increasing the sales transactions of GTMC and reducing the probability of credit defaults.

GTMC Travel Service
  • Worldwide Hotel Reservation
  • Worldwide Car rental and Transportation 
  • Package Tours (Excursion, Sport, Medical, Historical Tours) 
  • Package Travel for club and society 
  • Luxury Cruise and Package 
  • Incentive Group Tour 
  • Meeting and Conference 
  • Spa Lover package 
  • Golf package 
  • Vacation Planning 
  • Special Event 
  • Insurance Service

Champa Holiday Product & Services

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